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EGU | Vienna, 17-22 April, 2016

SSP3.6: Precipitation of smithsonite under controlled pCO2 between 25 and 60˚ C - Fractionation of oxygen isotopes

Anja Füger, Vasileios Mavromatis, Albrecht Leis, and Martin Dietzel

EOS21: Special features in managing European Training Networks (ETN)

Daniel Henkel, Anton Eisenhauer, and Alexandra Drossou-Berendes


PhD Student Conference | Paris, 14-18 March, 2016

Evaluating the biomineralization and chemical differentiation of modern brachiopod archives

Sara Milner, Claire Rollion-Bard, Pierre Burckel, Adam Tomašových, Lucia Angiolini, and Daniela Henkel


EGU | Vienna, 23-28 April, 2017

#BG6.3: Biogeochemical Change in Seawater and early organisms in the Phanerozoic: reconstruction, evolution and ecological impacts.

Assessing the biomineralization processes in the shell microstructure of modern brachiopods: variations in the oxygen isotope composition and minor element ratios

Sara Ana Milner Garcia, Claire Rollion-Bard, Pierre Burckel, Adam Tomašových, Lucia Angiolini, and Daniela Henkel

Control of growth rate on Li/Ca values during the growth of calcite - An experimental approach

Anja Füger, Vasileios Mavromatis, Albrecht Leis, and Martin Dietzel

Microstructural growth increments in the brachiopods Liothyrella uva and L. neozelanica: preliminary study of growth analysis and proxy calibration

Marco Romanin, Maria Aleksandra Bitner, and Uwe Brand

Clumped isotope analyses suggest constant seawater temperatures at the Middle–Late Jurassic transition in the Subboreal realm

Hubert Wierzbowski, David Bajnai, Ulrike Wacker, Jens Fiebig, and Mikhail Rogov

Heterogeneity of Cr in Mytilus edulis: Implications for the Cr isotope system as a paleo-redox proxy

Sylvie Bruggmann, Robert Klaebe, and Robert Frei

Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages at the Northern Apennines

Rita Fuchs, Boaz Lazar, Lucia Angiolini, Gaia Crippa, and Mordechai Stein

Using Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer to determine δ13C and δ18O of carbonate samples

Danijela Smajgl, Nils Stöbener, and Magda Mandic

Evolution of the carbon cycle and seawater temperature from the Triassic-Jurassic boundary to the Early Toarcian based on brachiopod geochemistry

Tamás Müller and Adam Tomašovýc

New insights to the formation of dolomite and magnesite through hydrothermal alteration of Ca-carbonates: An experimental approach

Isaac Kell-Duivestein, Martin Dietzel, Andre Baldermann, and Vasileios Mavromatis

Lithium in Brachiopods – proxy for seawater evolution?

Natalie Gaspers, Tomas Magna, Adam Tomasovych, and Daniela Henkel

Testing the best method to prepare recent and fossil brachiopod shells for SEM analysis

Gaia Crippa and Facheng Ye

Inferring seawater temperature over the past 2,500 years in the Southern California Bight on the basis of brachiopods

Adam Tomašových, Tamás Müller, and Susan M Kidwell


EOS15: Effective Project Management in Earth Sciences – What does That Mean?

Diversity in research projects – A key to success?

Daniela Henkel, Anton Eisenhauer, and Isabelle Taubner

How big is too big or how many partners are needed to build a large project which still can be managed successfully?

Daniela Henkel and Anton Eisenhauer


GOLDSCHMIDT | Paris, 13-18 August, 2017

10f: Reconstructing the biogeochemical change of Phanerozoic seawater

Conveners: Anton Eisenhauer, Tomas Magna

Variations in the Oxygen Isotope Composition and Minor Element Ratios in the Shell Microstructure of Modern Brachiopods

Milner S, Rollion-Bard C, Burckel P, Tomašových A, Angiolini L, Jurikova H & Henkel D

Imaging of Boron Isotope Distribution in Brachiopods Using LA-MC-ICP-MS

Alibakhshi A, Fietzke J & Eisenhauer A

Lithium in Brachiopods – Proxy for Seawater Evolution?

Gaspers N, Magna T, Tomasovych A, Henkel D, Eisenhauer A & Fryda J

IRIS Technique for Monitoring of Carbon Cycle in Coral Reef Ecosystem

Smajgl D, Mandic M & Stoebener N