BASE - LiNE Earth Kick-Off Workshop in Kiel

October 12 - 17, 2015, Kiel, Germany



In the framework of the Kick-Off Workshop on "What we know about the ocean water history" the freshly recruited ESRs met representatives of all BASE-LiNE Earth beneficiaries as well as most of the partner organisations from eleven European countries, Israel, Canada,  Australia and the USA. The main tasks of this workshop were to get to know each other and to set the scientific stage for BASE-LiNE Earth through introductory lectures on all its WP goals and contents. ESRs, supervisors and all scientists involved have been part of comprehensive discussions on modeling and prediction of modern and future ocean and climate conditions, and the role of past climate conditions and carbonates diagenesis for hydrocarbon exploration. Participants also gained knowledge on quantitative approaches to data handling and the ecology and taxonomy of fossil and recent Brachiopods. Keynote lectures have been given by scientist Prof. Adina Paytan from the University Santa Cruz, CA, USA. Mrs. Paytan is an expert in the field of trace metal cycling, and is involved in various policy-making bodies.

Moreover, complementary training courses on “Getting started with the doctorate”, “Time management in doctoral research” as well as a course in “Good Scientific Practice” have been offered. One highlight of the event was the excursion to the Nature Reserve Kalkgrube Lieth near Elmhorst where the participants joined a guided tour through the geological past of Schleswig Holstein kindly provided by Dr. Roland Vinx.

Furthermore, the annual meeting of both of the BASE-LiNE Earth decision-making bodies the Steering Committee and the Supervisory Board have been conducted.


Klick here for the detailed program of the event.